New Cadillac Beast spotted testing ahead of presidential debut

The vehicle that will cater to the travel needs of the most powerful leader in the world is undergoing a revision and the updated model has been spotted doing the rounds. Yes, we are talking about the Cadillac Beast which has been seen doing the rounds at General Motors proving grounds in Milford, Connecticut. The car is expected to be inducted into service later this year.

New US presidential Limo
Unofficially or maybe even officially, this GM developed limo has been referred to as the ‘Beast’, but we can be sure that it has some kind of alphanumeric code name. If the car used by Barrack Obama is anything to go by, then we can be sure that this new Beast too is based on a truck platform but will continue to get the Cadillac badging and latest styling all around.

The secret service hardly ever reveals details about the Beast. However, based on the little information that has trickled out or got officially released, it gets a tonne of armour plating, various hidden compartments to store emergency fire arms, cold storage to keep vials of the President’s blood and because this is a limo, electrically adjustable rear seats with heating and massaging.

The American presidential limo has always been a status symbol of the American government. In various guises and sizes over the last four decades, it has travelled (ahead usually) with the President around the globe. The current design and model came into service in 2009 with the Obama presidency.

New Cadillac Beast spotted testing ahead of presidential debut

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